Friday, December 7, 2007

Eva Mendez Campari Calendar Photos

Eva Mendes is fulfilling the fantasy of living in a fairytale, and you can purchase this beautiful fantasy and hang it on your wall. Eva is Campari’s 2008 calendar girl. This year’s photographer, Marino Parisotto, has created a myth and fairytale theme, in which the female character, played by Eva, will portray strength and power.

Eva took some amazing, glamorous pictures, some of which look very high fashion. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Eva is also very satisfied with the results and says,

“The Campari Calendar has been a truly unique experience. I had never posed for a calendar before and I was thrilled that Campari has given me the opportunity to interpret these onderful stories… who wouldn’t want to live a fairytale even if for a short while?”

This is the ninth edition of the Campari calendar, but it will have a limited print run of 9,999 and will be distributed internationally. Good luck finding one.

See more photos of Eva’s Campari Calendar after the jump.


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